Sunday, January 22, 2012

My First Blog

       We all are born with a desire to communicate with each other, and as we get older, after we have covered the basics, "Sleepy", "Hungry", "Love you";  We begin to ask questions.  "What's that" , "Who's that" , and the glorious "Why?".   I'd like to note that "why?" doesn't really emerge on its own until we experience a discrepancy on what we expect of the universe around us.   There's not enough money to buy that;  Your brother wants to be alone right now;  Fishes were born to breathe water.   My blog is going to be part of the infinite expression of my attempt to help truth along,  though it should be understood that communication of truth always distorts it.  You are encouraged to research items yourself, look for them in your life.  Its really the only way for you to understand anything resembling the actual truth of things...Awareness.

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